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Often we fall in love with a person we think we love only to discover that, for them, we are just someone to pass time with. And all the while, the person who truly loves us either remains a stranger or a casual friend. So here’s a piece of advice; don’t settle for the person who’s only passing time. Take your time, and be sure. Your life is too precious to waste on the wrong person.
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Naruto meme »» Eight Fights [2/8]

Uchiha Sasuke  Vs  Uzumaki Naruto

Sasuke reveals his intents to kill him to obtain the Mangekyō Sharingan. Naruto refused to accept that Sasuke would do this or his other reasons for pursuing Orochimaru, choosing instead to drag Sasuke back to the village by force if needed. With Sasuke gloating that Naruto can not even make a scratch on his forehead protector, however, the Nine-Tails’ chakra surfaces to protect Naruto, giving him a massive power increase as he attempts to knock some sense into him. Sasuke merely retorted that Naruto could never understand losing a family as he had never had one to begin with, despite Naruto feeling that Sasuke is like a brother to him and refuses to let him sever that bond.

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